What is included:

The items listed below are included in this sale.

  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment*
  • Professionally designed website.
  • Rights to use our well-marketed registered trademark.
  • List of customers containing approx. 6K names.

*The current fair market value is over $80K, newly purchase value approx. $300K. The dollar amounts are only estimates based on current financial information, calculated in good faith by the owner using secondary market pricing. The buyer should make his own due diligence.

The attached pictures show only part of our shop and equipment. Our electronic equipment is continuously being removed for maintenance / service then brought back online. We add new equipment as needed and retire old, broken equipment. The equipment shown in pictures may or may not be included in the final sale. A complete list will only be provided to the qualified buyers.

Because this type of vintage technology may stop functioning at any time due to its age, please note that this equipment was priced and will be sold in "as is" condition. Back when such machines were mainstream the people handling them were highly trained technicians who could service them as needed. The buyer must have the willingness to learn and to find the appropriate resources to service the equipment.

What is not included:

The items listed below are not included in this sale:

  • Shop / office space
  • Software subscriptions
  • Support with shop design and training. The owner can make himself available for consultation in person, phone or email depending on circumstances. He is willing to share with the buyer all technologies and trade secrets unique to this business. All support will be charged to the buyer at standard consulting fees + cost. A support package can be added to the cost of assets listed above.
  • The cost of packing and moving to the buyer’s location. Everything may be disassembled and will fit in a medium to large moving van (U-Haul, Penske, etc..).
  • Any other asset or information not listed above.