FAQ, Conversion to Digital Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries about our services. Please click on the links below for answers.

What is your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time depends on the size of the job and the services provided. For small conversion jobs we usually ship the completed project within 5-7 business days from approval. Express 2 business days processing time is available at additional cost on select small projects. The completion time of our projects it is extended during Holiday Season. Please contact us for availability.
Our production time for large projects, counting thousands of hours of media, is considerably faster than the majority of our competitors.
Can you directly convert all content of a foreign DVD?
DVD is not a linear recording like the videotape. It involves many digital files. It cannot be converted instantly from one system to another. A direct transfer will only convert the video content. If there are subtitles you must ask us to turn it on during the conversion.
We can also re-create all assets that compose the original DVD and re-author it in NTSC. This process will take as much time as the initial project in PAL and is probably cost effective only when the copyright owner's intent is to mass duplicate the NTSC DVD for distribution in the US market.
What type of damage is most seen on magnetic tapes?
Old magnetic media can show the following types of damage:
  • mechanical damage (stretching, loss of tensile strength, etc.)
  • loss of binder hydration
  • chemically induced damage
  • mold
  • magnetic field deterioration

Can I make my own copies from a tape, DVD or Audio CD made by your company?
Yes. We do not add copy guard to our media, unless expressly requested by our client for a large replication job.
However you may consider ordering our media duplication services for the following reasons:
  • We custom order our optical media to be compatible with most stand-alone DVD and CD players and to have a long life span. The inexpensive data DVDs or CDs sold in office stores are not recommended for DVD movie or Audio CD.
  • We use ISO certified, accurate duplicators and commercial duplication software for maximum quality and playability of the copy.
  • We use a commercial thermal printer or screen printing to print the disk label direct on the disk surface. Applied labels are known to add weight to the disk and cause damage to the CD/DVD players. Low cost color inkjet printers will create a fuzzy label which smears in contact with humidity.

Does AVRestore offers volume discounts?
Yes. If your order is larger than 100 originals of the same type, you may contact us for an estimate.
Do you return the original media?
We always return the original tapes and other media. Unless the client ask us to keep the originals in storage for further use (may be subject to storage charges).
How much video can you put on one DVD?
We can record up to 2 hours of video on DVD-R media, staying within the DVD standard play specification. In extended play mode the recording time is 4 hours, at lower quality.
Why doesn't the DVD from a foreign country play in my machine?
To protect the rights of copyright owners, 5 geographic zones have been created. Most DVDs and players are designed to play only in the zone where they are sold. The DVDs are also encoded in the corresponding TV standard: the DVDs sold in the US are encoded in NTSC, and the DVDs sold in Europe are encoded in PAL. We have the capabilities to read and create DVDs in both PAL and NTSC, any zone.
What is Copy Guard?
To protect the rights of the copyright owner most manufactured DVDs and VHS videotapes are recorded with a protection signal called copy guard. This signal will interfere with the recording device to prevent duplication. The recorder will not start and will display an error message, or the quality of the recording will be significantly altered.
Can you convert my analog videotape to a digital format, so I can edit with my computer?
We can convert the video and audio to most consumer and professional digital video formats. Most consumer editing software accepts DV video (low compression digital video files).
For video professionals we can capture the video in any format suitable to their workflow. Because of the large size of the video files, the client must provide removable media such an external hard drive.

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